Is There Such A Thing As DIY Plastic Surgery?


Is There Such A Thing As DIY Plastic Surgery?

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By Ron Robinson

So, I was watching Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb on the Today Show this morning (yes, I Like some daytime television), and they were talking about the Fullips Natural Lip Enhancer — a tool for fuller, healthier-looking lips without the use of injections or chemicals. Kathie Lee explained that Cosmo’s beauty editor loved it! If it worked for her, then it most certainly should work for all of us. Right?

At first glance, the Fullips looks Enjoy the cap of a large marker. But, it claims to give you fuller-looking lips without invasive surgery or lip-plumping ingredients.

You simply apply the hollow part of it to your lips and “suck in” to allow blood flow to rush to your lips, naturally. In a matter of seconds, lips will be full and look more plump with no injections needed.

This whole idea of DIY plastic surgery has really been on my mind lately. We know that there are many “gimmicky” products out there, but could plastic surgery be replaced by simple do-it-yourself, at-home treatments?

The DIY plastic surgery trend isn’t just happening in the US. I also have been seeing more Asian beauty tools trending and being brought to our attentions for their jarring how-to images and somewhat dangerous yet promising appeal.

There’s the jaw-squeezing roller device that is meant to slim the face by working facial muscles, really the most harmless device of the bunch. The process requires you to mechanically roll rubber massagers across your face in vertical movements, lifting and pulling the skin taut. Sounds soothing, actually.

For those with droopy eyes, there’s the Eyelid Trainer It literally “trains” lids to create a crease — a feature most coveted by Asians, who have what they call monolids. This makes an eyelash curler look suitable for small children! And the A-ge Liner Cheek Stretcher, made from a stretchy material that is applied on the cheeks to lift and help prevent sagging skin. This actually looks like it could really work…

There are plenty of more bizarre devices out there for those trying to fight against aging or feature imperfections. Whether it be to get rid of fine lines around the mouth or lift double chins, one beauty-perfecting tool that really got my attention was the Japanese Beauty Lift High Nose

This plastic, nose-perfecting tool applies gentle electric vibrations at all sides, pushing the nose upward. The buzzing and vibrations are meant to firm and adjust the nose just a little higher. They call it, “A nose lift without the hassle!”

Could one really attain a nose job without surgery? Without professional help and guidance? I hardly think so. But, that’s just me. What do you think?

Is There Such A Thing As DIY Plastic Surgery?

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